Sunday, April 19, 2009

Paris, Part 2

Today I purchased a one-way ticket back to Paris. It was impulsive but as soon as I clicked “Confirm” it just felt right. I don’t know how long I’ll be there this time, it could be a month or a year, but I am beyond thrilled.
I moved back to New York in October and have spent the last 6 months keeping up with France news, reading tons of expat blogs, going to French social parties and just daydreaming about Paris. I’m still only halfway unpacked, living out of suitcases and have hesitated to buy new furniture for my apt—I just had this feeling that New York was a temporary pit stop and there was no need to replant roots only to leave again. I didn’t know how or when I would go back, whether I was simply feeling nostalgic or if it was just a case of wanderlust, but this feeling in my gut wouldn’t go away.
I went to Paris in February for a 10-day vacation that went by way too fast. Then 3 weeks ago I quit my job (yes, I know it’s a recession), unable to reconcile the fact that after following my dream of moving to Paris, I came back to the States only to go through the motions at a job that I hated; living a mundane, unauthentic life for the sake of a paycheck. I was unhappy. I barely recognized myself and could no longer justify living less than my best life so I resigned with the intent to pursue my passions.
Today I met up with a couple of girlfriends for a fabulous afternoon of champagne in Central Park. When I got home I did my routine flight search and was surprised to find a ridiculously cheap one-way ticket to Paris (last week tickets were around $800) and bought it before I could think of reasons not to. I’ll be back at the end of July.
And at this point, I don’t have all the answers. I know I may seem irresponsible and flighty, but I just don’t care. I’m tired of listening to all the naysayers and the people who think I should be focusing on climbing back up that corporate ladder I left behind 2 years ago. Personally, I think its time I started listening to what my heart has to say. Paris has wooed me again—I don’t know for how long but I’m willing to go back for Round 2. New York isn’t going anywhere, jobs will come and go but I don’t have forever to make “selfish” choices like this so why not do it now before its too late? Stay tuned…