Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ciao a tutti!

I made it to Rome last week! So sorry for the delay, it’s been a crazy time and things still haven’t straightened themselves out yet. But you can follow me on my new Italy blog, Baci from Rome. Until I get settled the updates will probably be pretty sporadic.


flowerbloom said...

I plan to learn french, not sure if I want to take classes in Paris. Since leaving in Paris, how is your french? Do you have any advice about learning french and living in Paris or any part of France?

Stacy said...

My French is OK. The problem with learning French in Paris is that 90% of Parisians speak English. So you don't really HAVE to speak French in Paris. As soon as you open your mouth and people hear you're not French (American in my case), they switch to English. Its frustrating. Granted, I was too lazy to FORCE people to speak French with me-- I took the easy way out and just went with it. So my French is ok now but it could definitely be better. Learning French anywhere else in France would be ideal (I don't know if I could pick a favorite city or another place I would live. Maybe somewhere in the South), though Paris is an amazing city so I wouldn't change my time there for the world. Good luck!

Viajera said...

Hello! Are you there? Hope to see you back soon.

In the meantime, see my blog for your blog award.

Anonymous said...

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