Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The casual wedding

Heading to Ardeché in few hours (in the South of France) for my girl E’s wedding. E & J are the coolest couple, I absolutely adore them—very fun, down-to-earth, artsy (they’re filmmakers). They’re all about having a good time and going with the flow, which I guess is why we clicked immediately. The wedding is on Saturday but a few close friends are driving down early for a Thursday night pre-party: “Olympic Games” (i.e. three-legged races, soccer, swimming in the lake, etc) and a BBQ. E’s parents own a house in a tiny village; the ceremony will take place at the Mairie (town hall) followed by a reception in their backyard. The guest count is around 200 people and we’ll be eating, drinking and dancing under the stars until the wee hours of the morning. They’re not big into weddings so they made it a laid back affair—E described it as a big 3-day party for their friends & family, with a quick pop over to Mairie at some point to get the wedding stuff out of the way (LOVE that!). At one point, I was wondering aloud which heels would work best with my dress and E said, “Just come barefoot!” (she was dead serious). Truth be told, I’m especially looking forward to mingling with the guests. Weddings are a great place to meet men right? ;)

Back on Monday night with (hopefully) some interesting stories!


Shannon said...

Weddings are a great place to meet men...although I never get to because I'm too busy photographing them. Have fun!

Scarlet said...

That sounds pretty similar to my wedding. We were so casual we even catered for it ourselves! Hubby and I spent 3 full days cooking everything ;)

Best of luck to your friend, and I hope you'll meet someone great!

The Black Planeteer said...

Sounds like a great way to have a wedding. Can't wait to read your commentary about it and hope you meet a nice fellow.